General & Family Dentistry

At Medical Arts Dentistry, we treat patients of all ages and know that preventive dental care is the foundation for life-long, healthy smiles. In addition to brushing and flossing, regular professional cleanings and exams are key to ensure a happy and healthy smile. Dr. Roher and her team will make customized recommendations to ensure your personalized dental treatment plan helps you achieve your very best dental health.

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General Dentistry Services We Offer

Dr. Roher can provide a full array of general dentistry services which will address all of your oral health needs. These include:

Dr. Roher has the skills and training to take care of all your basic dental needs – from childhood until well into your senior years.

Early Detection for Future Prevention

Dr. Roher knows that detecting any oral health issues early is the best way to avoid extensive, costly, and painful treatments down the road. When you come to our Savannah office for your regular dental checkups, Dr. Roher examines your entire mouth, measures your gum line, and thoroughly checks your bite alignment.

We provide screenings for oral cancer and Dr. Roher conducts testing which will evaluate the levels of pathogens in your system. In this way, we can detect both oral health and overall health issues as they initially appear.

To learn more about how Dr. Roher, our general dentist, can assist you and your family with your long-term dental healthcare, please contact Medical Arts Dentistry.  Or, call (912) 921-0401 today for your initial consultation at our Savannah office.