Keeping It Safe for Your Dental Visits During COVID-19

Like most dental practices around the country, Medical Arts Dentistry closed our office during the heightened outbreak of the Coronavirus. Now entering June, the state of Georgia has planned a safe and strategic reopening of for all businesses and dental practices will once again be allowed to see patients for all visits, elective or emergency.

As before the pandemic, safety is our number one priority for our patients and our staff, and we are taking all new guidelines and procedures with top consideration and implementation.

Why dental offices are already extremely safe

Dental offices, even before the COVID-19 crisis, have had strict sanitary guidelines and procedures to follow and use the standards set by the ADA, CDC and OSHA for cleaning and sanitizing all objects, tools, and interiors of the office. Dentists and their hygienists have been wearing protective gloves, medical masks, and protective eye wear long before the pandemic hit.

What are we doing to keep you safe?

Medical Arts Dentistry is closely following the regulatory agencies’ guidelines and recommendations. We have implemented several new standards for our office that meet and exceed recommendations from these regulatory agencies. As new recommendations are issued, we will continue to adjusting our office protocol accordingly.

Is it time for your routine dental cleaning?

Many have missed their routine dental cleanings during the nationwide shutdown and now as states reopen, the demand for dental office visits is escalating. Medical Arts Dentistry is accepting new patients and are ready to serve your dental needs in a clean, safe and friendly environment.

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