The Importance of Flossing

Patients sometimes tend to wonder how important flossing really is when it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene, and the answer is that flossing is a crucial component. Frequent, regularly scheduled dental cleanings and exams are critical to your oral health, but there’s a lot you can do yourself in order to keep your teeth healthy and looking their best. If you are in the Richmond Hill region and are due for your dental cleaning, contact our general dentistry practice at (912) 355-0605.

While most people brush on a regular basis, general dentistry has long recognized that flossing needs to be a part of a patients regular routine. Regardless of how well you may brush your teeth, there are food particles in between your teeth and beneath the gum line that cannot be reached with ordinary brushing. Flossing helps remove these particles and prevent the growth and spread of bacteria.

Adding flossing into your daily routine reduces bacteria and benefits for your mouth and your overall health by:

  • Preventing gum disease
  • Preventing of dental caries and tooth decay
  • Preventing halitosis
  • Preventing tartar build-up
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Preventing the occurrence of complications in those with diabetes

Proper dental care begins at home and will help reduce the need for additional visits to the dentist. To schedule an appointment with our Richmond Hill general dentistry practice, call Medical Arts Dentistry at (912) 355-0605. We serve patients living throughout the areas of Savannah, Garden City, and Richmond Hill, Georgia.