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Emergency Dentistry

Learn About Emergency Dentistry

When you have a dental emergency of any kind, it is important to treat the condition in a timely manner. Urgent dental care is just as crucial for your physical well-being as any other type of emergency situation. Whether it is an emergency root canal or your child has damaged a tooth accidentally, our dental staff is here to provide you with assistance and guide you to the right dental treatment.

Our Garden City family dentist understands that getting the treatment you need as quickly as possible is a top priority. Our caring, professional dental team can typically treat patients immediately within our office hours. Please call (912) 355-0605 to learn how we can help you.

Dental Emergency Procedures – How They Can Help

Maintaining proper oral hygiene and seeing your dentist regularly for checkups is a great way to prevent any dental emergencies. However, there are times when accidents happen and getting immediate attention is the only way to save a tooth or protect your oral health.

Here are some common dental problems that require prompt attention or treatment:

  • Chipping or breaking a tooth
  • Toothache with swelling
  • Tooth is knocked out
  • Partially dislodged or extruded tooth
  • Lost filling or lost dental crown
  • Abscess or tooth infection

The benefit of dental emergency services is not just immediate pain relief — it is also a preventative measure for a number of dental ailments. While it is significant to have a qualified family dentist on hand for emergencies, prevention is often the key to avoid having to visit an emergency dentist in the first place.

Having a trusted source for your dental emergency advice and actual procedures means that your entire family will receive the top oral care required whenever you need it. Working with Dr. Roher provides you with an opportunity to have all of your dental care questions answered. We are here to work with you in treating any dental emergencies, providing family dentistry services, and being available for “on-the-spot” support.

To prepare for an unexpected situation, it is important to find a reliable Garden City emergency dentist. Please contact Medical Arts Dentistry for your initial consultation, or call (912) 355-0605 to learn about our dental services.

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