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7 Popular Dental Myths

7 Dental Myths

Although everyone knows to brush their teeth twice a day, we go over 7 common dental myths that you may not know are myths.

1. Myth: Flossing Is Optional

A lot of people think brushing twice a day should be enough of a clean, but the truth is that just brushing your teeth isn’t thorough enough. With dental floss, you can remove leftover food debris that could feed bacteria that cause tooth decay and lift out plaque from between your teeth before it hardens into tartar. You can make a difference if you floss once a day before you brush your teeth before bedtime.

2. Myth: You Should Brush Harder

Some people think brushing harder makes for a deeper clean and more effective plaque removal, but the truth is that you could do more damage than good this way. If you brush too hard, you could erode your teeth’s protective enamel layer. Another risk is that being abrasive to your gum tissue could result in recessed gums. Your gum tissue protects the roots of your teeth and their foundational bones. Recessed gums can create gaps, which would leave you more vulnerable to bacteria.

3. Myth: Bleeding Gums Are Normal

If you experience regular bleeding as you brush and floss, this is not something to ignore. It is worth noting that, after a period of putting off brushing and flossing, it may take up to 10-14 days for your mouth to get used to this regular routine. But if you notice bleeding past the 14-day mark, it may be time to consider an appointment with your dentist. Bleeding gums is commonly a sign of gum disease.

4. Myth: White Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

Although white teeth may make for a more beautiful smile, they are not necessarily healthier. A whitening treatment can make you more confident, but it is still important to see your dentist ensure you do not have any cavities or gum disease.

5. Myth: Baby Teeth Are Not Important

Some people may say, “It’s only a baby tooth,” but the truth is that baby teeth are important, and you should take your children’s dental health seriously. Baby teeth are space holders so that your child’s permanent teeth have adequate space to line up and grow properly. If your child gets a cavity in one of their baby teeth, this can result in premature tooth loss. Premature tooth loss in children can cause permanent adult teeth to come in crooked. The best way to avoid this is to prevent cavities in your children’s teeth with good daily hygiene and regular dentist’s check-ups. If your child does lose a baby tooth early, consult your dentist about an artificial space maintainer.

6. Myth: Gum Disease Doesn’t Impact The Rest Of Your Body

This might surprise you, but bacteria from gum disease can enter your bloodstream and spread to other parts of your body. Taking care of your gums is an excellent way of preventing other serious health issues. Gum disease bacteria have been linked to:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Lung disease

  • Heart disease

  • Causing issues in people with diabetes. 

7. Myth: There’s No Reason To See The Dentist If Your Teeth Do Not Hurt

Even if you do not have a toothache or bleeding gums, it is important to get professional cleanings and evaluations from your dental health professional. Your dentist has the expertise to look for things that maybe you’ve missed. If you are seeking dental care in the Georgetown or Savannah, GA areas, consider Medical Arts Dentistry. Medical Arts Dentistry is glad to offer general and family dentistry, cosmetic services, and dental sleep medicine to serve a wide variety of needs. Call 912-921-0401 for our Georgetown location or 912-355-0605 for our Savannah location today.


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